An eco lodge with exceptional sustainable credentials & ground breaking green technology that's so good, you won't even notice it!


Bombah Point Eco Cottages is built on ecologically sustainable principles and we are dedicated to maintaining the unique natural environment. Ultimately, we aim to demonstrate how environmentally conscious practices can be implemented without compromising luxury.



A holiday resort with minimal environmental impact is not necessarily an oxymoron! By beginning with ecologically sound ideals and working on them throughout the construction phase it can become a reality. While there are certainly challenges to overcome, a bit of creative thinking and dedication helps local councils and energy providers embrace new or alternate technologies. Initial set up costs can appear prohibitive but there are often long term financial gains and governments offer some incentives with their greenhouse reduction commitments.


Our large permaculture garden provides, with the help of chooks and recycled kitchen waste, fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs for our use and for our guests. We use renewable and recyclable products where possible, provide recycling bins and compost most food waste on site. We have set up tertiary treatment of sewage using a bioreactor system, which incorporates worm composting and reed bed filtration. Filtered rainwater tanks provide the cottages with water.


Electricity is generated on site with high yield solar panels on the Homestead and on four pedestals near Reception. During the day the system generates power is used on site and excess is fed back on to the  grid system. When the sun sets we begin to draw power back from the grid, off-setting our daytime contribution. We estimate that the solar panels supply 50% of our power, the cost of installation has been covered by the reduction on our energy bill. We have recently upgraded the solar array to expand and improve the efficiency of the system.


Our aim is to form a buffer zone for our neighbour, The Myall Lakes National Park, so we are working on land restoration, and bush regeneration as vegetation is a natural pollution filter for the fragile lakes system. We work with the local National Parks & Wildlife Service, local agriculturists and local environmental groups to improve the health of the surrounding ecosystem and help secure the future of the area. We are removing feral plants and animals. Our fire control includes strategic cool burns in the cooler months and four dams, fire breaks, a large bore water reservoir and rooftop sprinklers on the cottages.


Bombah Point Eco Cottages support a range of community service organisations; Starlight Children's Foundation, Fighting Chance - Social enterprises for people with disabilities, Gunawirra - Supporting aboriginal families, the Bulahdelah Show Society, local artist and other worthy causes.

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